Legion Gardens

The Best Advertising is a Good Product

The Legion Gardens at 12127 – 224th Street and the Legion Manor at 22408 121st Avenue are tangible proof of the success of well managed building projects:

  • Designed, contracted and built by the Legion
  • Marketed by the Legion
  • 100% occupied

From concept to finish, these apartments were a runaway success story.

Let’s start at the beginning and explain the Life Lease concept and the project marketing plan.

What is a Life Lease?

Simply put, a Life Lease is a residential agreement involving an entry fee of between $130,000 and $170,000 which affords the resident security and lease of an apartment for as long as needed or wanted. The lease may be terminated and the original Life Lease value refunded – minus 5%. In the event of death, the Life Lease value is refunded to the estate.

What is the location of the building?

The Legion Gardens is next door to the Legion while the Legion Manor is kitty-corner across 224th Street and both are only one, level block from downtown Maple Ridge, close to shopping, banking, transportation and the new public Seniors Centre.

What are the designs of the buildings?

Each building consists of four floors and include full underground parking. The exterior is a mix of stucco and brick.

How large are the projects?

The Legion Gardens consists of 47 two bedroom and 9 one bedroom suites while the Legion Manor houses 84 apartments – 79 two bedroom apartments and 5 one bedrooms some with dens.

How large are the apartments?

The suites average a floor area of 975 square feet and are fashioned following the most sought-after styles. Specifically designed for convenience and comfort.

The facilities have been carefully planned from past experience and provides features that are important to today’s senior. For example:

  • functional gas fireplace
  • balconies and sundecks
  • in suite laundry rooms
  • extra storage locker in basement
  • only 1 parking spot – if needed – additional fee required
  • grab bars and one piece fiberglass tubs
  • levers instead of knobs on most doors and plumbing fixtures
  • lighting over kitchen sinks and stoves
  • double stainless sinks
  • kitchen islands in some suites
  • solid wood cabinetry in kitchen and bathroom
  • every room has ceiling water sprinklers for fire safety
  • vaulted ceilings on some fourth floor suites
  • raised panel doors and closet bi-fold doors
  • wood baseboards
  • cable and telephone outlets in 3 locations
  • metal front door with peephole and deadbolt lock
  • security camera at entrance to permit you to view guests
  • “Seniors Only” residents
  • Caretaker and security personnel.

Is there a monthly fee?

Yes, there is a monthly fee, common to apartments projects, to cover operating costs such as building maintenance, insurance, landscaping, utilities, janitor, caretaker, security personnel and garbage removal. Your monthly fee also includes cablevision, negotiated with Shaw Cable at a bulk rate, saving you about 50% over single residential rates. Your only additional overhead is your telephone and electricity bill.

What about price?

The entry fees are based on market, usually 50% below similar real estate product , and range from $130,000 to $170,000. The fee is refunded within 90 days after you give notice to leave . You simply cannot buy anywhere for a less price this close to town. These prices result in seniors spending less of their savings on shelter and freeing up more cash for retirement activities and necessities.

Why are the apartments so inexpensive when compared to other projects?

The Maple Ridge Legion is a non-profit community organization and strives to provide affordable housing at reasonable cost. This is accomplished in a number of unique, proven methods:

  • the Legion was the developer, no developer profit
  • the Legion was the general contractor and has a solid handle on all costs associated with the project.
  • the Legion does all the marketing, no real estate commissions
  • the Legion handles all of the documentation, low legal fees

What is the schedule for payment of entry fees?

$5,000 refundable deposit made by bank draft or money order is required within 24 hours of your decision to lease.

The balance is due and payable within 2 weeks of the date your deposit is received. Suites will continue to be shown to prospective tenants until the balance has been paid.

Application forms for residency are available at the Legion office, 12101 – 224th Street, Maple Ridge or telephone us at 604-463-5101 for further information.

Forward from July 12th, 2023 No Smoking or Vaping of any substance within our Legion Gardens or Legion Manor.

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