Many sport teams and community groups utilize the Legion lounge as a venue to raise money by hosting fundraisers.

Limited to 100 guests, your cost per person is as little as $8.50 and up. 

Groups normally sell tickets for $15 to $20 

To assist you, we will print your tickets which will name your group and date and time of your event. When your guests arrive to your designated area, usually at 6:30PM, they will be provided with vouchers.  Our Club88 Kitchen serves dinner, buffet style, at 7:00 PM.

You do need to apply for a Gaming License if you intend to hold a 50/50 Draw or a raffle. You are welcome to hold a silent auction or a toonie toss without a gaming license as you are purchasing something or skill is required to win a prize. The only stipulation is that liquor cannot be used as prizes as this would contravene the liquor control act. We have the forms you need in our Legion Office.

The success of your fundraiser is dependent on the variety of ways that you think of to create income. We will do our utmost to make your event most rewarding.














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